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Imagine a purpose driven corporate culture, based on full engagement, effective communication and female employees who show up in the fullest versions of themselves.

Research suggests this gender bias starts early in childhood. As young girls, we get trained to be nice and agreeable. That may work for some time, but once we enter the work force in adulthood, playing ‘nice’ most often works against us. People-pleasers are known for doing whatever it takes to make other people happy. While being kind and helpful is generally a good thing, going too far to please others can leave you feeling emotionally depleted, stressed, and anxious.

study by Stanford University reported that the most desirable adjectives to describe women were compassionate, warm, cheerful, soft-spoken, and loyal – all qualities of a good girl. On the other hand, when the same participants were asked to list desirable adjectives for men, they listed independent, assertive, dominant, and decisive. Apparently, women are most desirable when they are soft, and men when they are strong.

A big part of the Good Girl Syndrome, is people-pleasing. Pleasers are highly attuned to others and are often seen as agreeable, helpful, and kind.

A big part of the Good Girl Syndrome, is people-pleasing. Pleasers are highly attuned to others and are often seen as agreeable, helpful, and kind.

Do you struggle advocating for yourself?

However, people-pleasers may have trouble advocating for themselves, which can lead to a harmful pattern of self-sacrifice or self-neglect. In addition, the self-questioning that underlies pleasing makes us behave more passively. Worse, it prompts others to see us as indecisive, wishy washy and tentative.

A study by the Harvard Business Review, showed that only 7 percent of female MBA graduates attempted to negotiate their salary with their new employers. Whereas 57 percent of men negotiated.

When we live to please, we end up in a kind of helpless, weak state. What if we bend over backward to accommodate a demanding party and they’re still not pleased? We may have lowered our rate, thrown in extra services, and put in late hours etc. The major difference we’re talking about here is making a choice to be pleasant – but assertive — rather than simply pleasing and overindulging others as a default. Not using one’s strengths will deplete personal energy, commitment and engagement.

Leadership Trainings

Since 2005, I have worked with executives and their organizations looking to create a company culture that offers meaning and purpose. I serve and work with executives and leaders who are ready to own all of themselves, so that they can truly thrive. And in the process, maximize your collective potential through your employee engagement.

Over the years, I have conducted many leadership trainings, coached a diverse community of managers, to ensure the success and thriving of all managers. In my programs, participants will be part of a highly interactive, thought provoking, action orientated and transformative experience. They will experience in-depth conversations and interactive activities consisting of deep questions, meaningful discussion and actionable next steps.

The strengths I bring to my clients are my positive energy, deep listening skills and ability to hold space for greater openness and engagement. Contact me to learn more about my corporate offerings.


I have had the absolute joy of facilitating alongside Pia for over 6 years in India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia China and Hong Kong. She is a consummate professional who can be relied upon, she is energetic and engaging with the participants and clients alike. We’ve made a great team and I know that she always has my back. I can’t wait to be back in the classroom with her in the not too distant future so that we can light some fires and spread some magic!

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