Building  Better Boundaries

Do you feel guilty or afraid when you consider telling someone “no”?

Do you feel like other people have more control over your life than they should?

Perhaps it’s time to learn the power of setting personal boundaries.

Many of us focus so much on being loving and selfless that we forget our own limits and limitations.

Many of us focus so much on being loving and selfless that we forget our own limits and limitations.

Sign up for the workshop and get answers to these issues:

  • What are boundaries?
  • What are the roots of your boundary issues?
  • What is your relationship with boundaries?
  • How do you set healthy boundaries?
  • How to communicate your boundaries?

Keeping the peace and trying to make everyone else happy seems like the “nice” thing to do. But after awhile, it can feel like you are being walked all over, leading to simmering frustration and tension in your relationships.

That’s why the ability to set clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules, or limits that we create to define acceptable behaviour for ourselves and others.

They serve us invisible lines that we create to protect ourselves from being hurt or used by others. They define how we want to be treated and what we are willing to tolerate.

However, building boundaries can seem like a confusing or daunting idea to some people. So, we invite you to take the Boundaries Builder 5-Day Challenge. By committing to yourself over five days, you will discover the power that healthy boundaries can bring to your life and most valued relationships.

PiaPrana’s course on boundaries, resonated so much with me that I immediately took it. On the third day I had already identified not only what my limits were, but that I also realized that I was not paying enough attention to them. That instead of listening to what I needed and taking the step, I always put the other person’s needs before mine. I am deeply grateful to PiaPrana for having created this very useful tool to get to know myself and improve my life.

Marta Bodí

Discover The Power of Building Better Boundaries

Building Better Boundaries

…is perfect for you if you would like to:

  • Have compassionate and meaningful relationships that generate mutual respect.
  • Build respectful relationships, with a healthy balance between giving and taking.
  • Have an authentic sense of authority that gives you a sense of control in your life.
  • Have more inner space to pursue your dreams and your life purpose.
  • Improve your communication and assertiveness; everyone knows where they stand and what is expected of them.
  • Build a sense of your own identity, with more self-awareness and being true to yourself.
  • Minimize misunderstanding and conflict.
  • Feel less overwhelmed, resentful, or stressed, and experience a new sense of calmness and direction.
  • Have a life that frees up more energy, enthusiasm, and focus.

Doing the Building Better Boundaries course, I really felt like I had opened Pandora’s box within myself. In the space of a few short weeks, I learned so much about myself. My mind was flooded with memories from every stage of my life, emphasizing the complete lack of boundaries I have in most of my relationships, both intimate and non-intimate. PiaPrana’s meditation audios are the best, so soothing and gentle; I felt like her arms were wrapped around me, protecting me from all the bad things in life. And I could listen to her mesmerizing voice for hours, so calming and relaxing .

Over the years I have attended many counselling sessions, but none have given me the clarity that Building Better Boundaries course has given me. I can live the rest of my life protecting me and my self-esteem. I’m fragile, after years of abusive relationships, but with the tools I have received from this course, I look forward to navigating the rest of this awesome journey called life. Thank you PiaPrana, I mean that sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

Emma Louise Owen

Building Better Boundaries“ has been an eye opener, a massive shake-up, and provided a clear, compassionate pathway to heal.
It was only through this course, that I finally realised how throughout my whole life, I haven’t been able to set boundaries and let other people walk all over the top of me. This realisation came quickly, within the first two modules and shook me to the bone. This shock, however, was needed to dive into the work even deeper and with more sincerity. PiaPrana’s gentle, yet very clear modules and instructions, her beautifully led meditations and powerful exercises helped me through the resistance of my shame and shock. It took me through to the other side. My highlight was the final meditation which brought everything together for me, such a gift ! The workshop is incredibly well structured, modules have just the right length, timing and diversity. PiaPrana made it fun and playful, yet is leading through the modules with clarity, direction and great compassion. PiaPrana’s sincerity and authenticity shines all the way through her course.

Wera Hack

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What’s included:

✓  5 Self-paced modules – take as short or as long as you like

✓  Videos tutorials to introduce each concept

✓  Boundary worksheets, exercises, script and inventory templates

✓  Guided Meditations

✓  Audio exercises

✓  All  are hosted in our world-class learning platform

Thought provoking. Very interesting and useful. I really enjoyed the course and PiaPrana’s authentic and highly credible approach to presenting her material. She is a wonderfully engaging presenter, very easy to listen to, and the course was just the right mix of theory, practical advice and real life anecdotes. I highly recommend this wonderfully designed course, which breaks an emotionally difficult subject down into logical steps with clarity and empathy and. And importantly, offers simple strategies for coping – both personally and professionally. I will take away lots of things that I can quickly and easily apply in my coaching practice. In fact, I already have started to set my own boundaries in my personal life and am flexing my new muscle cautiously, but am very encouraged to see that I have already had some success. Thank you!

Michelle Comrie

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Course Modules:


    Welcome to Building Better Boundaries

    Module 1: What are Boundaries

    Lesson Topics:

    • What are Boundaries – Are Yours Weak, Rigid, or Healthy
    • Are Your Boundaries Too Rigid, Weak or Healthy?
    • Different Types of Boundaries
    • Boundary Myths
    • Healthy vs Unhealthy Boundaries
    • Meditation for Healthy Boundaries
    • A Healthy Sense of Self Exercise
    Module 2: Roots of Boundary Issues

    Lesson Topics:

    • Your Childhood Boundary Model
    • Your Childhood Boundary MODEL
    • Boundaries in our Families-of-Origin
    • Boundary Violations in Early Childhood
    • Healing and Integrating your Younger Self Meditation
    • Saying Yes to Yourself Exercise
    Module 3: Your Relationship with Boundaries

    Lesson Topics:

    • Personal Boundary Inventory Questionnaire
    • Tuning Into Your Inner Sense of “Yes” and “No”
    • Affirming Your Rights Meditation
    • Benefits of Boundaries
    • Values and Needs
    • List of Values
    Module 4: How to Set Healthy Boundaries

    Lesson Topics:

    • Virginia Satir’ Bill of Rights
    • Boundary Awareness Exercise
    • Awareness of Your Personal Boundaries
    • Self Protection Meditation
    • How to Know When Your Boundaries Have Been Crossed
    • Preparing to Set Boundaries
    Module 5: How to Communicate Your Boundaries

    Lesson Topics:

    • What to Expect When Setting Boundaries
    • Turn Your Yes Into a No and Vice Versa Exercise
    • Boundary-Setting Roleplay
    • Boundary Affirmation Meditation
    • Script Options to Communicate Your Boundaries
    • Repair Exercise

    A phenomenal program created by PiaPrana. The modules featured a beautiful mix of video, audio visualization, and text that enabled me to embark on my own journey of discovery and reconciliation with boundaries. The pace offered me an opportunity to reflect upon the core route of where my unhealthy boundaries have manifested, and then tangible guidance on how to free myself of guilt and take control of my life. The program is hugely valuable to anyone looking to connect with their inner voice and sense of self-worth, to overcome this dreaded monster, the disease to please.

    Hannah Lloyd-Calam

    This program helped me so much to understand how I was behaving, my past difficulties, and which moves to make in order to have a nicer relationship with myself and others. I do feel more confident in my abilities to set proper boundaries, to cultivate flourishing relationships and to create more harmony in and around me. Thanks PiaPrana for building and sharing you’re analysis and skills about healthy boundaries.

    Sabrina Franco

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